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The EU-Western Balkans summit/ Political message or a program for Balkan? – Beqa: Reconfirmation for expansion, concrete initiatives

Duhen Lexuar

The EU-Western Balkans summit held in Tirana reaffirmed the European Union’s support for the enlargement process vis-à-vis the countries of the region.

This is the opinion of international relations expert Mentor Beqa, who analyzes in an interview with ScanTv, the benefits that come from these events of historic proportions for the country.

But the holding of this summit does not remain only at a political level, as it also initiates concrete initiatives between the Western Balkans region and the European Union.

This summit, according to experts like Beqa, is not focused on bilateral relations between specific countries.

The main topics discussed at the summit were the Russia-Ukraine war, immigration, and security.


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